I believe it is of uttermost importance that everyone has the unrestricted access to the tools one needs to create freely. Therefore everyone can come here and may do good and that is why typism uses SVG. All the code and fonts are released under MIT License and Open Font License, respectively.

In other words, typism borrows heavily from Blender, Firefox, Wikipedia and The Pirate Bay.


Hello, my name is Juraj Sukop. It was in the spring 2006 in Helsinki where I was exchange-studying at UIAH at the fine folks of its Media Lab when it first came to my mind to create a font editor like this. Then I moved home, wrote theoretical diploma about tool making and during the very last term of my final school year I tried to implement it. To cut long story short I didn't make it. It sort of worked but you could not draw curved paths, the URI space was a mess, the SVG support in browsers was very immature and so on. Half a year was a bit too short time. Then I took a break and half a year later I applied for a grant at Ministry of Culture. I got it so I rewrote everything for maybe third or fourth time, reworked path editing, finished some unfinished features and added a few more. Right now it is February 4th 2009, the site is finally online, I am sorting out the first feedback and comments from my friends and writing the first documentation. Finally, I do not have any wishes for its future. Happy type designing!


This work would have been much more difficult without:

the financial support of Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic

App Engine from Google

Creoleparser Python library

and all the countless people you and I will never hear of putting their minds to free and open software. Thanks to all of you!