typism is meant as a tool for type design. So if you just drew the first letters of a new alphabet perhaps you would like to get some critique. Maybe you have a fully working font and want to give the world a gift just because you are in a good mood. Or you have an old, almost finished, design down there in basement somewhere and you think no one cares anyway, now you should complete it - could happen that someone will try to help you. And if you teach at some academy and are considering making a type workshop with the students you are more than welcome to do it here.

Also, a good theory is always practical and if you know a thing or two about type and its design, write an article or two or just hang around in the mailing list.

However, that being said, right now what typism needs most is the code. If you are a Javascript ninja, feeling like coding missing features for a font editor is great fun, take a look here - (almost) everything has to go. Especially these.