Update: Today, while upgrading the storage backend, I noticed that preview stopped working in Chrome. The reason is that the font specification I used for Typism is being dropped by all major browsers. As I am currently occupied with Xxyxyz I bid farewell now and will at least try to keep the site around for archival purposes. To you, SVG Fonts, you will be missed.

BIG FAT WARNING: This software is beta. Lots of things are missing, lots of things are broken. Oh, and most probably your browser is not even supported (in other words, you need to run the very, very latest version of the browser, not even beta is new enough - here is how to get the needed version). Though on the brighter side:


typism is a web-based font editor. It is a public site where anyone can create a font for others to use and to study, to modify and to copy. You write the description of a typeface, design the outlines of a glyph, track the development history and publish any revision in human-readable format to store locally. All it takes to run it is a browser supporting a few open standards.

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