If you run on Windows, download Chrome:

You will also need a small utility from them:
run it and check "Developer preview channel" and exit.

Then go to Chrome, click the wrench icon > about > update to newest ... yes, restart and you are set.
(Chrome has a bug thought: the drawing area disappears sometimes - to make it appear again, click on the "move" icon a try to select something, as if the canvas was right there. http://code.google.com/p/typism/issues/detail?id=44)

If you are on Mac, downloading the latest nightly build of WebKit should do:

If you are on Linux, the Firefox latest beta should do but you wont be able to set a text with your fonts because Firefox does not yet support SVG Fonts.

Sorry once again for the confusion. More on all this:

Yes, and I believe you that you have better things to do than to read the tutorial but some things really do work a bit differently than you might be used to.

Feedback is greatly appreciated, of course.